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Making WordPress Logins More Secure

Caleb Szydlo • February 27, 2017

Most WordPress sites follow a common url for the admin login and core directories. Since this is predictable, bots and other automated tasks can go to the /wp-admin or /wp-login.php and bombard the login with common…

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Fixing Blurry Logos and Background Images

Caleb Szydlo • January 26, 2017

As retina screens and HD monitors are becoming more common developers must account for higher resolution images and icons. Given the wide range of support for newer formats it can be difficult to load the latest…

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Automatically Updating Copyright Year

Caleb Szydlo • December 30, 2016

The holidays are almost over and 2016 is in the books, and as much as some people would like to put it behind them we need to first take care of some simple housekeeping. So leave…

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jQuery / Javascript

How can I add a Google Analytics tracking code to a Formidable Form?

Caleb Szydlo • November 1, 2016

Adding a Google Analytics tracking event to a Formidable Form is a fairly quick fix that can be handled through the CMS, without having to mess with any theme files. Inside of the Formidable settings in…

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How can I wrap div elements that are different heights?

Caleb Szydlo • October 28, 2016

Wrapping divs and other block level elements is pretty easy if they’re all a consistent height, we can just set a width and a float and we’re done. However when we have elements whose heights are…

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