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How to List Posts in a Taxonomy by Year

Buttons Kavanagh • March 19, 2017

Listing posts by taxonomy term is a common feature requested when displaying blog posts. Sometimes you also want to separate those posts in sections by their year like this: 2017 News 2017 News Post 2017 News…

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jQuery / Javascript

Autoplay Embedded Vimeo Videos Without Sound

Buttons Kavanagh • February 16, 2017

Using video is a great way to get users on your website engaged with the content.¬†And with video websites like Vimeo you can easily embed content onto your site without having to worry about uploading a…

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Creating a Categorized FAQ Page in Shopify

Buttons Kavanagh • December 16, 2016

Having an FAQ section on your Shopify store can help improve your customer service while saving you from¬†headaches of being asked the same questions over and over. This is a pretty easy task by using a…

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