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Get a Visitor’s Location Information using PHP

Buttons Kavanagh • June 28, 2017

Sometimes we have content that is specific to a certain country and we only want to show, or hide, it for visitors from that country. Or maybe we want to change some of the language used on…

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How to List Posts in a Taxonomy by Year

Buttons Kavanagh • March 19, 2017

Listing posts by taxonomy term is a common feature requested when displaying blog posts. Sometimes you also want to separate those posts in sections by their year like this: 2017 News 2017 News Post 2017 News…

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jQuery / Javascript

Autoplay Embedded Vimeo Videos Without Sound

Buttons Kavanagh • February 16, 2017

Using video is a great way to get users on your website engaged with the content. And with video websites like Vimeo you can easily embed content onto your site without having to worry about uploading a…

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Creating a Categorized FAQ Page in Shopify

Buttons Kavanagh • December 16, 2016

Having an FAQ section on your Shopify store can help improve your customer service while saving you from headaches of being asked the same questions over and over. This is a pretty easy task by using a…

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