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jQuery / Javascript

How do I develop a countdown timer?

Darren Hagen • January 2, 2018

So i’m getting married this year…I know, congratulations. Well, during the development of my wedding website I decided that I wanted to create a countdown timer that would capture the days, hours, minutes, and seconds until…

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jQuery / Javascript

How do I make numbers ‘roll up’ when counting?

Darren Hagen • October 23, 2017

During a project recently we were tasked with demonstrating a number counting up in the way of rolling. A good way to describe the action is how you would see an old gas pump price or…

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How do I send an automatic email to my WordPress users to let them know that their user role has changed?

Darren Hagen • July 31, 2017

A few weeks ago we developed a site where the client wanted multiple types of customers, each having a different discount volume. We were able to do this simply by creating a few different new user…

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Need to pull a static version of a live website?

Darren Hagen • May 17, 2017

A client of ours recently found themselves in a bit of a pickle. They had a website that they no longer had hosting access to. The site was live but the developers they previously worked with…

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Need to access the last ACF Flexible Content Field?

Darren Hagen • May 15, 2017

So, some developers would just list them all and hide all but the last one. That works fine, but if the field volume gets pretty large you will have a heavy page load even though you…

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Is your WordPress site hacked?

Darren Hagen • February 3, 2017

Is your site built in WordPress and suddenly very slow? Are messages or content showing up in the header or footer of your WordPress website and are not supposed to be there? Or are you just…

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Need to create a WordPress admin ‘user’ when you only have database (mysql) access?

Darren Hagen • November 21, 2016

Recently we had a client contact us because they couldn’t access the dashboard of their WordPress site. Sometimes this happens because of lost credentials, database corruption, or maybe due to a website hack. In this case…

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