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What is the NPM Registry, and why would I want to change it?

Brent Reno • June 26, 2018

We’ve all used NPM before, but where is all that information coming from? Enter the NPM registry, which allows for packages to be resolved by name and version, allows for package publishing, and user account management….

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How Can I Target only an iPad Pro?

Brent Reno • April 17, 2018

Recently I was working with some third-party animations, and they were not rendering properly on an iPad pro. I needed to fall back to the backup image we had in place, but  I didn’t want it to also…

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WordPress admin is seeing “Submit for Review” instead of “Publish”, how do I fix that?

Brent Reno • January 31, 2018

You log in to your WordPress site, ready to post new content and find that your publish button has been replaced by submit for review. You figure that’s fine, I’m the admin I’ll be able to…

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jQuery / Javascript

Can I Make Google Maps Match the Color Scheme of My Site?

Brent Reno • September 8, 2017

It’s great having google maps embedded on a site, but sometimes the default color scheme just doesn’t look great with everything else going on. For the purpose of this, let’s assume the API key is already…

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jQuery / Javascript

Is There a JS Library for Generating a PDF?

Brent Reno • June 27, 2017

jsPDF is a Javascript library used to generate  PDF files, that can be downloaded, printed or emailed. Getting Started: To star declare a new instance of jsPDF. var doc= new jsPdf(); You can pass parameters in…

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