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jQuery / Javascript

Create a custom color swatch library for a Wysiwyg in WordPress

Biz Cook • June 12, 2017

The pre-determined color swatch options in a wysiwyg are colors that usually clash with the overall branding of the website. To encourage the content editor to use colors that coincide with the branding identity of an…

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Add custom styles to your embedded Twitter timeline

Biz Cook • April 10, 2017

Want to customize your twitter timeline to the branding of your website? Need to delete the media from showing in the embedded feed? With this simple function, you can customize all kinds of styles to have…

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After filtering, add a background color to every other row in a table

Biz Cook • February 10, 2017

Table row styles are usually straight forward, and generally you’d use CSS. Something similar to this: tr:nth-child(even) { background-color: red; } But what happens when a user filters the table rows? Once you ‘display:none’ the table…

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Implementing the picture element for optimized and responsive images

Biz Cook • December 9, 2016

I know what you’ve been thinking. “I want to benefit from natively optimized image loading”.   Me too, and this is why the <picture> element is so great. This element allows web developers to handle images…

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