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Why is accessibility important in your development practices?

Ashley Wright • August 8, 2017

Last weekend I attended WordCamp Minneapolis / St.Paul with some of my coworkers. One of the presentations I went to was called “Why A11y?” presented by local website accessibility expert Joe Dolson. In his talk Joe went…

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jQuery / Javascript

What Should I Use to Make Custom Select Fields?

Ashley Wright • May 5, 2017

If you’re looking for a way to customize your select fields, I would recommend Select2.js. Select2 allows you to easily style the select field itself as well as the dropdown list below. Some of the options I’ve…

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How Do I Create a WordPress Related Posts Section ?

Ashley Wright • March 1, 2017

Are you searching for a way to display related blog posts in WordPress? Perhaps they are connected by one or multiple taxonomies? Look no further.  The answer lies in a fairly straightforward and flexible WordPress query….

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How can I have Multiple Post-Type Specific Search Results in WordPress?

Ashley Wright • January 9, 2017

There may come a time when you need to build out multiple types of searches on your WordPress website. For example, you might want to have a general search in the header and a blog posts…

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How do I list posts in a custom post type by taxonomy term?

Ashley Wright • November 10, 2016

Have you ever wanted to list out posts arranged by a taxonomy term associated with that post? This is something that I recently ran into when trying to create a select drop down list of hospital…

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