How do i get all the taxonomies of a node to render in Drupal7?

Sarah Berg

After following a tutorial for getting the taxonomy terms of a node, I found that I still didn’t have all the pieces of the puzzle. Doing a foreach over $tags = $node->field_tags; would just give a disappointing one result with those nodes had more than one taxonomy assigned to it. (The other 3 were being lost in the code abyss!)

This was solved by digging a little deeper into the object that was return:

<div class="tagsList views-field-field-tags">
	<? $tags = $node->field_tags['und']; ?>                            
	Tags: <? $count = 0; 
	foreach($tags as $tag){ 
	if($count > 0){echo ", ";}
	echo '<a href="'.taxonomy_term_path($tag['taxonomy_term']).'">'.$tag['taxonomy_term']->name.'</a>'; 
	} ?>

Turns out i had to go one layer deeper to loop the tags object as the language code is undefined. SO now my taxonomies are working great on the node.tpl.php for that feed.


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2 thoughts on "How do i get all the taxonomies of a node to render in Drupal7?"

  1. theneemies says:

    Did that code snippet work for you in D7? I had to replace taxonomy_term_path with taxonomy_term_uri. Cheers for the pointer though – very helpful!

  2. Okay that makes a lot more sense – didn’t mean to attack I just thought that your one rep maxes would be Those are reasonable 4-5 rep maxes – keep up the good work!

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