Import Microsoft Access .accdb File to MS SQL Server

Mark Holmes

These steps are for exporting an .accdb file if it cannot be viewed as a table. This may be needed if the data file was generated by a Microsoft Access form. If the desired file can be viewed as a table in MS Access, then skip these steps.

  1. Open up the TechData .accdb file (not a form file).
  2. In Access 2013 in the database tools tab click the “Access Database” button under “Move Data”.
  3. Follow the wizard to split the database.
  4. Open the *_be.accdb file that was created to gain access to the database tables.

Import to MS SQL Server

  1. Open MS SQL Server Import and Export Wizard.
  2. For “Data Source” choose “Microsoft Office 12.0 Access Database Engine OLE DB Provider”.
  3. Click “Properties” enter the location of the .accdb file in the “Data Source” field.
  4. Under login information, choose a blank username and be sure to check “Blank Password”.
  5. Test the connection. If it works, click OK.
  6. For the “Data Destination” choose “Microsoft OLE DB Provider for SQL Server”.
  7. Enter the MS SQL server name or choose from the dropdown menu.
  8. Enter your SQL credentials and select the database you wish to import the data to, the database should show up in the dropdown menu if your MS SQL info is correct.
  9. Select “Copy data from one or more tables or views”.
  10. Select the tables you want copied and edit the mappings if needed.
  11. Continue through the wizard and hit finish to begin the import.

I adapted this to the MSSQL Import/Export wizard using this guide. The info for entering data at step 21 and at step 29 was particularly useful.

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    What version of Import/Export Wizard did you use?
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