Twitter Widget Pro and the new API


So Twitter dropped support for previous api’s in order to move everyone to an oAuth api of their own. The work to develop support on your own could be a bit extensive, but that’s ok. because I will walk you through how to do it with Twitter Widget Pro.

Let’s skip the download and authenticate parts and get straight to it.

  • Your widget settings are under the settings tab, the link that says Twitter Widget Pro. 
  • You’ll notice two new messages, click “set up your Twitter app keys”.
  • Click the “Add new twitter app” link in a new tab.
  • Sign in. Fill out all required information.
  • Fill out a callback URL as the site URL for the site you want to put your twitter feed on. This is important.
  • Put your consumer keys and consumer secret hashes on your wordpress plugin settings.
  • Update Options at the bottom of the page.
  • Authorize your app.
  • You’re DONE!

This is the basic easy way to get a twitter feed on your site using Twitter Widget Pro.

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