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Now we mainly go for responsive design and development around here. We use the Foundations Framework mainly. But every now and then a mobile design spec comes along that requires different page layouts and queries and completely different wireframes.

This is when we decide to branch off to new themes and let a little plugin called Any Mobile Theme. This theme is based around getting the users device type and changing the theme being used depending on what the user is using. It has everything from iPhone to Opera Mini and allows you to select specific themes depending on what device is being used.

Simply upload and install Any Mobile Theme. Activate it. Then go to “Settings : Any Mobile Theme” and select which theme you want to substitute for mobile.

All plugins and Database settings will be the same, but now you have have completely separate layouts as well as using fun protocol links like the fb:// i mention in my other posts.

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  1. jordanrodriguez says:

    Ok so there aren’t any preventative plugins that I’m aware of. And I don’t think any exist, due to the fact that it would interfere with accessibility of the site entirely.

    Here are a few things you can do.

    You can install Monitor Logins from mTekk, he is a local plugin creator here in Minneapolis.

    This plugin works by monitoring successfull logins on your dashboard, and also by emailing you unsuccessful ones. You will get IP address, username, and password used in every login attempt.

    Another useful tip is to create an administration account without the nickname “admin” and replace admin with it. Most hackers automatically try to login as the user “admin” cause they KNOW that most people leave that account there.

    And lastly, if you feel like going to command line, you can download WPScan, which will scan your site for vulnerable plugins and versions and if you spend some time learning, it will show you the biggest weak spots of site security.

    WPScan is the most powerful in WordPress specific pen-testing.

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