How can I create a simple RSVP form on my WordPress website?

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How can I create a simple RSVP form on my WordPress website?

Darren Hagen • August 13, 2018

In the modern digital era, using some kind of online RSVP for an event is more and more common. It allows you to have a singular source for all of the information and can even calculate…

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How can I speed up browser (and mobile) testing when working with large batches of files?

Mitch Peterson • August 6, 2018

Recently I was on a few projects that consisted of multiple batches of banner ads. Think upwards of 150 ads… as much as I like working on these, something I’ve struggled with (and wasted time on)…

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Why is my font-weight displaying wrong?

Pat Kavanagh • August 1, 2018

Have you ever run into a certain piece of text on your site that isn’t following the font-weight that you declared? Even worse, the correct CSS rule for font-weight is applied and your text still isn’t…

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project management

15 Minutes of My Time

Keeley Caverno • July 31, 2018

fjorge operates under a unique business model in that we are an agency whose primary audience is other agencies. With that in mind, our partners come with fully packaged projects including creative directors, designers, account managers,…

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Social Media

Simple Dynamic Social Media Share Links On the Same Page

Jordan Hanson •

Setting up meta tags for social media platforms for a single page is generally pretty easy. Look up the Open Graph API standards and platform specific standards (I.E. Twitter) then fill in the content for your…

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Function for Guaranteed Alt Text

Laura Kressin • July 9, 2018

For developers working with accessibility compliance, alt text for media is important.  In the WordPress CMS, images are already built with an “Alt Text” field, that both content creators and developers can utilize to make their…

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How do I make translation transforms feel more natural?

Mike Wang • July 6, 2018

An object undergoes a translation transformation when it moves from one point to another (it could rotate or grow or shrink in the process, but we’re going to concentrate here on the moving, or the translation)….

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Why should I worry about :hover and :active states?

Mike Wang • June 27, 2018

In real life, whenever a user presses a button, they receive several types of feedback: haptic – they feel the button move visual – they see the button move aural – they hear the button click…

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What is the NPM Registry, and why would I want to change it?

Brent Reno • June 26, 2018

We’ve all used NPM before, but where is all that information coming from? Enter the NPM registry, which allows for packages to be resolved by name and version, allows for package publishing, and user account management….

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