How do I create a React App quickly?

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How do I create a React App quickly?

Biz Cook • June 12, 2018

Theres a lot of buzz around React—so obviously you want to learn a bit more about it too. Good news, starting your first React App is easier than you might think. We will be using the…

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Allies for Inclusion & Diversity in Tech

Laurel Johnson • June 11, 2018

My company recently signed the MN Tech Diversity Pledge which is a cause we feel strongly about. My coworkers and I have been collecting resources to help guide us as we look at ways we can…

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Why can’t I add more than 27 languages using WPML?

Darren Hagen • June 4, 2018

I ran into this recently when a client wanted to add over 28 different languages to their WordPress site. I got through 27 no problem but for some reason every time I tried to add a…

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Simple Optimized Parallax

Mitch Peterson • May 29, 2018

Parallax – you love it or you hate it, but web designers will incorporate it into new designs regardless. This web design trend has been all the rage over the past few years, with countless javascript…

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jQuery / Javascript

How do i access my cookies in PHP and Jquery?

Sarah Berg •

So, being 7+ months pregnant gives you some weird cravings… Like cookie brownies. Not a cookie and a brownie, they needed to be baked together (very important). Anyways, probably not what you came to read –…

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The Argument Against Dropdowns

Laura Kressin • May 21, 2018

Dropdowns, common sites in menus across the web, can help an individual, company, or organization present all of their web content to their users immediately.  Do you want to know about the history of our company? …

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jQuery / Javascript

Can Bézier curves be quickly parameterized by arc-length?

Mike Wang • May 1, 2018

In graphics, organic and natural-looking curves are most commonly produced with Bézier curves. In a Bézier curve, each curve segment is described by a set of 4 points (8 numbers total, since graphics are 2D). A…

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Can SVG animations use less CPU?

Mike Wang • April 30, 2018

Animated SVGs have become very popular in web design, and for good reason: they make art easier to translate from designer to developer, they’re light-weight in terms of filesize, and they’re just plain pretty to look…

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How do I cache my WP Query?

Pat Kavanagh • April 23, 2018

Caching is a great way to help improve your site’s page load time. We can achieve a lot of these caching goals through plugins and various server settings, but sometimes you need to get a little more…

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