Function for Guaranteed Alt Text

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Function for Guaranteed Alt Text

Laura Kressin • July 9, 2018

For developers working with accessibility compliance, alt text for media is important.  In the WordPress CMS, images are already built with an “Alt Text” field, that both content creators and developers can utilize to make their…

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How do I make translation transforms feel more natural?

Mike Wang • July 6, 2018

An object undergoes a translation transformation when it moves from one point to another (it could rotate or grow or shrink in the process, but we’re going to concentrate here on the moving, or the translation)….

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Why should I worry about :hover and :active states?

Mike Wang • June 27, 2018

In real life, whenever a user presses a button, they receive several types of feedback: haptic – they feel the button move visual – they see the button move aural – they hear the button click…

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What is the NPM Registry, and why would I want to change it?

Brent Reno • June 26, 2018

We’ve all used NPM before, but where is all that information coming from? Enter the NPM registry, which allows for packages to be resolved by name and version, allows for package publishing, and user account management….

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Planning for Templates and Modules

Sarah Berg • June 25, 2018

Very often we get projects that estimate the hours it takes to code a number of templates.  This approach, while fine for very detailed designs, does set up the project to be very limited on what…

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How do I create a React App quickly?

Biz Cook • June 12, 2018

Theres a lot of buzz around React—so obviously you want to learn a bit more about it too. Good news, starting your first React App is easier than you might think. We will be using the…

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Allies for Inclusion & Diversity in Tech

Laurel Johnson • June 11, 2018

My company recently signed the MN Tech Diversity Pledge which is a cause we feel strongly about. My coworkers and I have been collecting resources to help guide us as we look at ways we can…

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Why can’t I add more than 27 languages using WPML?

Darren Hagen • June 4, 2018

I ran into this recently when a client wanted to add over 28 different languages to their WordPress site. I got through 27 no problem but for some reason every time I tried to add a…

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Simple Optimized Parallax

Mitch Peterson • May 29, 2018

Parallax – you love it or you hate it, but web designers will incorporate it into new designs regardless. This web design trend has been all the rage over the past few years, with countless javascript…

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