How do I use the password field on Formidable Pro?

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How do I use the password field on Formidable Pro?

Darren Hagen • March 19, 2018

So I decided to build a simple RSVP for my wedding website using a formidable pro form. The trouble with that is obviously if people that aren’t invited to your wedding want to just RSVP then…

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Birchpress – How Do I Export Client Appointments?

Sarah Berg • March 12, 2018

As of 2015, from what i’ve read on forums and the Birchpress documentation, you can’t — as of a few minutes ago, i have at least something working! This is just a PHP script that you…

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jQuery / Javascript

How do I pass data from component to component in react.js?

Mitch Peterson • March 6, 2018

React.js is a wonderful javascript framework built by engineers at Facebook. It’s great for building fast, scalable and modular applications. While it might seem a bit scary at first, it’s actually pretty easy to use …once…

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Customizing WordPress Pagination

Laura Kressin • February 21, 2018

 Trying to customize your pagination, but don’t know what you’re doing or where to start? Follow this simple guide to get the pagination of your dreams!     Your WordPress pagination starts off with your query:…

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Templating with Timber

Droo Hastings • February 19, 2018

Templating is a big part of building a WordPress site. The more robust and extensive the site, obviously, the more code is involved in building out your templates. While we are able to compartmentalize our code…

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Can Instagram posts be easily retrieved?

Mike Wang • February 8, 2018

Displaying Instagram posts on your website can be unexpectedly confusing. Most developers’ first thought is to use the Instagram API to pull in content. Unfortunately, Instagram’s API requires clients to use the decidedly complex OAuth 2.0…

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How do I install Shopify locally?

Biz Cook • February 5, 2018

To install Shopify locally, we use Themekit. Open Terminal type brew tap shopify/shopify & hit enter type brew install themekit & hit enter create a development store in Shopify go to apps in the sidebar, scroll…

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How can I Automatically Clear Cache for Drupal using Gulp?

Buttons Kavanagh •

Drupal is a CMS that relies pretty heavily on caching, and for whatever reason, there isn’t a great way to disable this for development which makes editing your templates a little more frustrating. Saving your file…

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WordPress admin is seeing “Submit for Review” instead of “Publish”, how do I fix that?

Brent Reno • January 31, 2018

You log in to your WordPress site, ready to post new content and find that your publish button has been replaced by submit for review. You figure that’s fine, I’m the admin I’ll be able to…

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